Geophysics GPR offers a large range of techniques for Seismic site classification for building code requirements (V̄s30) and measurement of shear-wave velocities.

Investigating methods for site classification

The constraints specific to each site, the geological and geotechnical conditions, the project requirements and geophysical principles on which is based every method of investigation guide the choice of the best technique to use.

The MASW seismic method can calculate the distribution of shear wave velocities (Vs) in soils and rock to categorize locations.

The following are our standard techniques for measuring shear-wave velocities:

  • Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW)
  • Down-hole seismic survey;
  • Cross-hole seismic survey;
  • Direct shear wave velocity measurements.


For more information, please contact our Ground Survey Team.

site classification
site classification
site classification