Geophysics GPR offers a wide range of automated monitoring and geotechnical instrumentation services. We provide you with the best instruments and data management platforms in the market though our partnership with Bartec Syscom, Vista Data Vision and Roctest.

From small construction up to large scale infrastructure projects, our experts will provide you with the best vibration monitoring solutions to fit your needs.

Markets and Solutions

  • Civil engineering
  • Vibration, noise and acceleration monitoring
  • Blasting monitoring
  • Dams
  • Building instrumentation and displacement monitoring
  • NPP, LPG and Oil & Gas


  • Preparation of Technical Specification Guidelines
  • Monitoring system design
  • Installation, monitoring, training and maintenance
  • Data management platform implementation and data hosting
  • Data analysis and consultancy
  • Instrument calibration


Bartec Syscom offers the best vibration monitoring instruments in the market today. Our instruments combine autonomy, durability, remote access, automated alarms and data quality. Syscom’s ROCK is the newest addition to our range of products. It is a low cost, high quality instrument integrating innovative and proven technologies and using ultra low power components.

Find out more information on the ROCK through its dedicated webpage:   

For all enquiries regarding our instrumentation and monitoring services, contact us below or call at 450.679.2400 ext. 324

    Vibration Monitoring
    Vibration Monitoring