Geophysics GPR offers the full range of borehole imaging and geophysical logging tools. With the latest generation of acoustical and optical televiewer probes and acquisition equipment, we can provide high-resolution images and allow precise structural assessment for geotechnical studies.We also offer versatile solutions for conducting cone penetration tests (CPTu) to measure tip resistance, dynamic pore pressure, and sleeve friction continuously during penetration.

Our borehole geophysics and R&D teams are currently building an all-in-one borehole geophysics mobile laboratory which will allow us to carry out multi-parameter surveys from a single acquisition vehicle.

The following are the most common techniques in borehole geophysics:

  • Optical telewiewer and natural gamma
  • Acoustic televiewer
  • Conventional parameters (resistivity, mag. susceptibility,full-waveform sonic, caliper, etc.)
  • CPTu


For all enquiries regarding borehole imaging, borehole geophysical logging or CPT surveys contact us below or call at 450.679.2400 ext. 316