Vibration monitoring is a ground geophysics technique for the measurement and analysis of vibration related to construction and excavation. Vibration control is recommended to minimize the potential discomfort to people and prevent damage to structures and sensitive equipment located nearby.

A range of specialized instruments are used to measure the vibrations caused by blasting, pile driving, dynamic compaction, as well as road and trail traffic in several civil engineering sectors.

We provide the following services for monitoring vibrations:

  • Building pre and post-inspection;
  • Vibration and air pressures measurements;
  • Water pressure measurements;
  • Expert reports;
  • Training;
  • Sale, rent, calibration and maintenance of Bartec Syscom and Nomis Seismographs;
  • Technical and professional support.

For more information, please contact our Vibrations team.

vibration control
Vibration Monitoring - Ground Geophysics
Ground application controle de vibration